US Privacy Shield

Performing an international data transfer requires either the receiving country to be deemed adequate or appropriate safeguards to be in place.  In general, the EU does not list the US as one of the countries […]


Performing an international data transfer requires either the receiving country to be deemed adequate or appropriate safeguards to be in place.  When neither of these exist then an organisation needs […]


Certification mechanisms will enable organisations to demonstrate compliance to other organisations through the use of data protection seals or marks.  They might also demonstrate the existence of appropriate safeguards for […]

Codes of Conduct

Codes of conducts are often used by industry bodies to undertake a procedure which is standardised and has control built in.  A code of conduct for data protection purposes must […]

Binding Corporate Rules

Binding corporate rules are internal rules for data transfers within multinational companies.  An important distinction is that binding corporate rules are put in place between linked companies, for example subsidiaries […]