Processing Activities

ProvePrivacy provides a holistic view of how personal data is processed and identifies the risks which need to be addressed, including legitimate interest assessments, high risk assessments and data sharing risks.

Apply Standards

Manage technical and organisational measures by implementing controls which align to ISO 27001 and ISO 27701, evidencing or getting ready for ISO Certification.

Stay ahead on Policy

Ensure that document owners keep policy up to date with scheduled reviews and have the confidence that all staff have read policy as it is issued.

Risk Management

Data breaches, data subjects rights and other data risks can be raised and managed simply, recording near misses and evidencing mitigation.

Knowledge Development

Our CPD certified data protection awareness course and our data protection knowledgebase ensures that staff have resources to develop learning.






Incident Management

Incidents such as Data Subjects rights or Information Requests are assigned to investigators to be managed and closed in a controlled manner.