We recommend this course to everyone in an organisation who comes into contact with personal data.  The course takes only 25 minutes and should be run annually to maintain awareness.  

Colleagues need to be made aware of data protection risks regularly in order that they remain vigilant.  We recommend annual training which can be evidenced.  All of our monthly plans provide the CPD certified GDPR and cyber security awareness course included.



We recommend this data champion course for all organisations who wish to use colleagues to complete their record of processing activities.  

This workshop will help the delegates understand the importance of the  regulations and how to determine key risks through class based training.

The workshop element will work with delegates to help them determine the specific risks they face and encourage them to consider the risk and how to mitigate it.

This is the ideal course for any users of the ProvePrivacy system responsible for mapping your organisations data.

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The GDPR Foundation certificate will prepare colleagues for deeper discussions around conformance with the new regulation.

It is strongly recommended for colleagues who are managing data protection within the organisation, such as your Data Protection Officer or your IT Manager.  By providing this deeper understanding these colleagues will be able to support others when managing compliance across the organisation.

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